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Prokofiev - Violin concerto N1, Op.19 In stock
Prokofiev - Violin Concerto N2 op.63 In stock
Prokofiev - Suite Romeo and Juliet for violin and piano In stock
Prokofiev - 5 melodies for violin In stock
Prokofiev - Violin Sonata N1 op.80 In stock
Prokofiev - Violin sonata N2 op.94 In stock
Prokofiev - Sonata for violin solo op.115 In stock
Prokofiev - Gavotte for violin In stock

Prokofiev Cello sheet music

Prokofiev - Symphony – Concert for cello
In stock
Prokofiev - Concertino for cello op.132
In stock
Prokofiev - Sonata for cello and piano op.119
In stock
Prokofiev - Sonata for cello solo op.133 In stock
Prokofiev - March for cello solo op.65 In stock
Prokofiev - March from opera “The Love for Three Oranges” for cello and piano
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Prokofiev - Ballade for cello and piano
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Prokofiev - Adagio from ballet “Cinderella” for cello and piano
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213 Prokofiev - Lieutenant Kije wedding
214 Prokofiev - Romeo and Juliet - 6 pieces for viola
215 Prokofiev - Scherzino for viola

CD1 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1756-1791
Rondo in A minor
Sonata in D major
Twelve variations in C major on "Ah, vous dirai-je, Maman"

CD2 Sergey Prokofiev 1891-1953
Toccata op.11
Sonata n.3 in D minor op.28
Six pieces from Romeo & Juliet op.75

DVD bonus
Lise de la Salle, Majeure !
A 26' documentary by Jean-Philippe Perrot

Lise de la Salle piano
2 CD + 1 DVD naïve

" Close your eyes and try to imagine a succession of tableaux..."

" Close your eyes and try to imagine a succession of tableaux...

Now imagine three utterly dissimilar worlds, created by Sergey Prokofiev. A youthful work influenced by the industrial era, by its implacably harsh, pitiless mentality: the Toccata. Close your eyes and imagine armoured tanks crushing everything in their path, an inflexible power and strength wholly devoid of humanity. In the second part of this work, Prokofiev adds sudden smacks, little slaps, ending on an explosion.

The essential difficult for the pianist confronted with this technically daunting piece is to play it in the image of the work itself, that is to say quite unwaveringly, thus becoming in his or her turn an implacable performer. In Sonata no.3, on the other hand, you may imagine folksongs resounding in the Russian countryside, a lively, rhythmic ballad; then a flawless blue horizon stretching as far as the eye can see in the Moderato. A bare steppe landscape under a pure sky, sometimes a few wisps of fog, a wintry atmosphere. Finally, plunge into the universe of the ballet with the six excerpts from Romeo and Juliet (selected from the complete set of ten in order to keep to the logic of the concert hall which is so important to me), imagining Rudolf Nureyev's famous choreography under this music. Behind a certain tension and an almost destructive willpower, an animality ('Montagues and Capulets'), sense the power of human feelings of love ('Romeo bids Juliet farewell'). Here is the ideal illustration of a musical voyage in which we can find the soul of the story note for note in the music.

Mozart and Prokofiev composed these piano works with a fascinating clarity and precision which never excludes lyricism. Their extremely classical style, with its limpid melodic line, evolves from bar to bar; a great lyrical impulse, a broad phrase in which the music takes on a more carnal aspect, then we return to the initial precision. These are two very special and touching musical voyages."

Lise de la Salle

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